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Skipping waste – film 04 april 2009

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skipping waste

Film gör allting mer verkligt. Enjoy! Klicka på bilden om du vill titta. (WordPress verkar inte kunna bädda in filmen i bloggen)

”Monopolizing chain supermarkets dominate food sales. Bananas from Colombia and avocados from Brazil are filling baskets throughout European winters. These unsustainable consumer habits lead to a well of waste, burning oil and overflowing landfills. Desperately seeking an alternative, dumpster divers are taking to the streets, feeding hundreds with the found food. ”Skipping Waste” follows these communities through France and the Netherlands as they recoup and reuse what capitalist society has deemed as trash.”


2 Responses to “Skipping waste – film”

  1. Göteborgare... Says:

    Hej, grym sida. Hittade den för jag har funderat länge på att prova på dumpster diving. Skulle bara vilja ha lite handgripliga tips, om hur det fungerar i Sverige. Var finns egentligen containrarna? Står de fritt bakom butiken eller inlåsta? Hur kommer man i gång liksom.

  2. Pepe Says:

    ”they recoup and reuse what capitalist society has deemed as trash.””

    seems that those who wrote this reference are far from reality. It is not a ”capitalist society” who deemed the eatable food as a trash. It is socialist bureaucracy in Brussels which has enforced strict ”Bäst före” dates and sanitation rules. Do you really wanna talk about the capitalist society? Then welcome to Cambodia, or Nigeria or any other third world country where they sell really unusable and uneatable left-overs as a food. For a market price. This is capitalism and social-darvinism. If you lived in capitalism you would never be granted a possibility to scavenge free food from containers. The reference is pretty cynical. So enjoy your meal…


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